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Hi and a warm welcome to our page! If you’re a lady who constantly feels censored by her pc, modern feminist, or SJW type relatives, friends, neighbours, whatever, this is friendly forum where you can just be. Modern feminists and SJWs overwhelmingly appeal to women, but this group is a place where you can raise your voice against the popular paradigm, gain confidence and swap tips with likeminded people. . If you’re a guy, don’t worry, you can still join. We are not exclusive of men, however we ask that any submissions, whatever they be, are relevant to the group topic, which is centred around the relationship between SJWs and or modern feminists and women.

Ground Rules and Things to Know

1. Anti SJW feminists are welcome in this group, since they count as anti SJWs. However, feminists need to keep in mind that their beliefs, values and cultural critiques may be questioned and criticised roundly, due to the fact that we allow anti feminists and anti-feminist submissions. If you don’t like this for whatever reason, you’re not gonna have a good time here. I would suggest you look for an anti SJW or feminist group elsewhere. If you would like to respectfully debate anti feminists however and can deal with seeing some anti-feminist views, you’ll probably do ok.

2. The same goes for anti-feminists. Please be mindful that we will still have an anti SJW feminist folder and that anti SJW feminists are welcome. If you approach one of them to debate please do so respectfully and maturely.

3. No harassment, threats or bullying. This is meant to be a friendly and open forum, and to keep the friendly spirit alive I cannot support things like this in this group. I will give you a few warnings but if you are persistent with this behaviour and someone in the group offers me proof like screenshots and comments of you harassing someone or a group of people I will have no reservations about booting you out.

4. Debate each other respectfully please. Be mature and considerate, and don’t use things like your political stance or your stance on gender politics whether IDing as a feminist, anti feminist, egalitarian, MRA or feMRA to justify targeting or being unreasonably rude to someone. We need to keep the spirit of a good debate alive, and expand each other’s horizons, rather than having petty fights where our minds shrink in terms of how open minded we are. Otherwise we are no better than the SJWs who eat themselves.

5. I am NOT your Mum. That is to say I will intervene when it is necessary, ie if harassment is going on, but don’t come crying to me if you are just having a bit of a tough disagreement and you’re upset you’re not winning. I would prefer people try to sort things out by themselves first and have something come out of it rather than I having to constantly intervene in your interactions to ensure they go smoothly.

6. Before joining this group, please understand that I will not be censoring much and that a variety of different women and men from all walks of life, whether they be libertarian or authoritarian, conservative or liberal, MRA or feminist, etc will probably participate in this group. I am not going to bar someone from joining just because they have a controversial stance, like being a fascist. You consent to possibly being a bit offended or upset by some content here when you join this group. I will not boot people out of the group for having controversial views, unless said person is breaking the rules or behaving poorly at a consistent rate.

7. All submissions need to be relevant to the main topic of the group. We won’t accept off topic submissions, this group has a theme and I am sticking to it. If it is not relevant at all to our theme, is more geared towards men, or is just anti SJW in a way, it won’t be accepted. Ensure that what you are sending us is relevant.

8. We may organise a few art competitions. Stay tuned for that.

9. No call out journals or pieces allowed, they will get automatically turned down.

10. If you do not leave the comments section open we cannot accept your submission. Keep comments on to allow discussion.

I hope I didn’t scare you off, but the rules will probably be easy enough to follow and I don’t usually bite. Feel free to have a chat with me the founder DarkVikingMistress. Make sure to spread the word to others whom you may think would enjoy this group, and start working on your deviations right now!
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Feb 26, 2017


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SWEDEN RAPEs :iconivy969:IVY969 2 1 RAPEfugees WELCOME :iconivy969:IVY969 3 2 Sharia Law :iconivy969:IVY969 8 1
Well I was going over my schedule and apparently if I stay in college I will have to stay 3 more semesters!!! (1 year and a half) this is from only taking 4 classes a semester because I have ADHD and anxiety. Not to mention college kids are known to be immature but by the time I back mature enough I started taking classes seriously I couldn't take them seriously! thanks SJWs!!!
Iwaizumi Hajime icon The last leg I have needs an amputation!

Ironically I just recently remembered one of the last days of high school.
We finished watching the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" we had to write our own short "were they are now" I remember one line I wrote:
"Koimonster went to a local college, but dropped out to train dragons" 
Funny how it became slightly true.Pearl Emote 25
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Thanks for the invite!
SilverBeastLaguz Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So is there a way for us normal members to submit our stuff, other than suggest a fav? I tried to read all the rules to know about it, but my mouse won't scroll (due to its thing being stuck) and if I click on the sidebar, the rules disappear.
AmericanDreaming Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017   Writer
DarkVikingMistress will look into this. I'll talk to her about it.
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Should be fixed now.
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What should I do to fix this?
AmericanDreaming Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017   Writer
Go to "admin area" on main page, then "manage members," then "any deviant," and it's in there. I fixed it, now people can submit.
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First comment woot woot. ;P
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